Remote Management for SecureDrive and SecureUSB

Subscription-based SaaS for Central Management of SecureDrive BT / DUO and SecureUSB BT / DUO Devices

The Remote Management console for SecureDrive and SecureUSB allows Admin to take full control of where and when the drive can be unlocked, as well as the ability to remotely wipe the data and disable access even if the user has a drive PIN. This provides the administrator with a simple and highly effective solution to enforce data protection and cyber security, which are becoming increasingly important for public authorities and companies. 

The following features enable you to effectively enforce your policies and protect data from unauthorised access:

  • Geo- & time-fencing
  • Remote lock / unlock
  • Remote wipe
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • User Logging and Reporting
  • Completely Software-free (local installation possible upon request) and host independent
Price per managed drive and year

CHF 24.95