Protect your data even better with Remote Management

The Remote Management console allows an amin to take full control of where and when the drive can be unlocked, as well as the ability to remotely wipe the data and disable access even if the user has a drive PIN. SecureData Lock® Remote Management can be added to any SecureDrive BT / DUO or SecureUSB BT / DUO at any time after purchase.

Increase the security through access restrictions

Define which users have access to which devices and enforce your policies for access to sensitive data. With geo-fencing, you can easily restrict remotely where and when data storage can be used. This ensures that data can only be transported and opened between your own locations or those of your supplier or customer and you. If you want data to be accessed only at a specific time, you can easily do this with time-fencing.

Full controll over every drive of your organisation

With Remote Management you have the full controll over all your devices. It allows you to remotely wipe all data, if a device is lost. As admin, you can remotely unlock or lock the devices at any time and have a complete log of all access to the data. If a user has forgotten his password the admin can change it anytime over the air.

Powerful Antivirus with DriveSecurity

Add antivirus to your devices to effectively protect against the introduction of malware such as ransomware, viruses or spyware. ESET NOD32 powered antivirus runs directly on your device and requires no host installation, scanning and removing viruses directly. All the devices you find here come with free virus protection for the first year. To be protected against malware for the entire duration of your device, you can easily add additional years in the webshop here.